DVC Multimedia

Many years of research and development has gone into finding the right combination of hardware and software so that the end user can have a quality experience using our next generation media system.

Our system can use existing vendor operations and off the shelf products therefore making it easy access and availability to a large market of consumers.

Welcome to our Next Generation of Digital Entertainment..

Brief History of the DVC Project:
Oct 2003 - Media based Device and Network Concept Created
Dec 2003 - Provisional Patent Developed
Feb 2004 - R&D Commencement
Mar 2004 - 1st Prototype Gear is Acquired and Tested
Mar 2004 - Initial Agreements formed with Manufacturers
Jun 2004 - 2nd Prototype Gear is Acquired and Tested
Sept 2004 - US Patent Office Provisional Patent Accepted
Dec 2004 - Fast Large File Transfers to Storage Devices in less then 5 min
Jan 2004 - Formal Patent Application Developed
Feb 2005 - Initial Communications with Film Studios and Distributors
Apr 2005 - Studios Request Technical Information
Jun 2005 - DVC Setup of Test Web Server
Aug 2005 - Development of Security for Movie Data Commences
Oct 2005 - Initial Prototype for Film Security System is Successful
Oct 2005 - US Patent Office Formal Patent Accepted (1st Stage)
Dec 2005 - Chain Store Management provides Retail Data
Jan 2006 - Marketing, Financial, Operations, Management plans are developed
Apr 2006 - Lee Kawase gives DVC Presentation to Business School for feedback
May 2006 - Entertainment Law Firm Secured in Beverly Hills
May 2006 - Film Studio Plans in Development
Sep 2006 - Business moves to Toronto for further expansion
Nov 2006 - Secured Legal/Accounting Firm Servicing both Canada and US
Dec 2006 - 2nd Phase Patent in Development
Jan 2007 - Strategic Alliance Agreements and Negotiations with OEM manufacturers
Feb 2007 - Development Agreement Signed with Creative Labs
Mar 2007 - Strategic Alliances with Content Providers Negotiated
Apr 2007 - USPTO Publishes Patent, Paris Convention Patents in progress.
Aug 2007 - Final Testing of both 4:3 and 16:9 Full Length Movies with system.
Nov 2007 - Lee Kawase presents 2nd generation beta system to Sheridan College.
Jan 2008 - Technology Provider agreement with Intel
Oct 2008 - Meeting with USPTO provides positive resolutions.
Oct 2008 - Deeth, Williams, Wall contracted to complete Ammendments.
Aug 2009 - Initial alpha testing of new security application.
Nov 2009 - Development of beta systems for the gaming and software industry.